Chapter 12: Leadership

Chapter 12 concerns leadership in the workplace, which is just the ability to influence a group toward the achievement of a vision or goal. Leadership is necessary in any business because employees need direction so they know what to do and they also need someone to go to if there is an issue they can’t handle. There are characteristics that make good leaders and in most cases, they are based on behaviors such as being able to initiate structure, being considerate, and being employee oriented or production oriented depending on which would benefit the workplace more. My leadership role at Dairy Queen as a manager is based off of trust and the leader-member relations I have with the employees. They see me doing the work that they are expected to do and I teach them things so they can grow as employees and they know they can come to me if there is an issue. I rely on my charisma in order to get my lessons and ideas through to my employees and even the customers so they know they are being served by good workers who care about the product. I take great pride in my position and I am obviously not the only one since another Dairy Queen manager around my age, Joey, is successful as a leader and has five simple tips leaders should follow ( ). They are: 1 – know right from wrong, 2 – act fast, 3 – have fanatical integrity, 4 – serve other first, 5 – demonstrate the right behavior. As a result of these five traits, the leader will have a lasting positive impact on their employees and also the customers. I definitely agree with these steps and utilize them to the best of my ability while I work without thinking about it because not only do these traits come naturally but they help make work more enjoyable for everyone, which is something all leaders should consider.


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